Sunshine coast farm finds

You never know what you will find on any given buying trip. Paul received a phone call saying they were having a bit of a clean out. Not too far out of town so he hitched up the trailer and set out in his trusty Toyota Landcruiser just up the road a bit up to the Sunshine coast hinterland. Half the fun is the drive, as you have no idea what you will find on arrival.

There was a bit of everything on this trip. Lots of of gorgeous old gal tins and buckets which had been used to feed the farm animals. Old tin cake tins, old rope, lovely small set of file draws and lots more. A couple of favourite finds on this trip was the lovely pigeon hole shelving unit with tin drawers and a rare old drum roller, both pictured here. At the time of this post they were both available..

timber pigeon holes
drum roller
Wash tubs

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